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Comments from some of my current and past session participants:

"Caylen's style of teaching is warm and inviting. He allows the participant to feel at ease while allowing them to be immersed in total awareness of their movements. He approaches the art in a way that brings the true meaning of Tai Chi through."                     
Sifu Restita DeJesus, Chief Instructor, Seattle Wushu/Tai Center

“Tao-Jin is so much fun! When we slow down and play with purpose, our true nature is there for us to experience. Lao-Shi Caylen Storm encourages people to explore the energy and form of their own essential movements within a supportive, guided framework. He has distilled the wisdom of many ancient disciplines into a unique inner art form that has practical applications for everyday living.”     

Lisa Valdez, Reiki Practitioner

"Caylen is the only one I know who can turn a  lesson about breathing into an exciting exploration of possibilities."                                         

Buz Fleming, Master Electrician