Classes and Calendar

Private and Semi-private classes available.
Group classes to be announced later.

Lao-Shi Storm is also available for Speaking engagements.

8th annual Tai Chi on the Beach at Alki:

Classes are held Saturday at 9:00 AM, next to the Statue of Liberty.
Classes start April 20, 2019 and continue to October 19, 2019.

Please overdress for the weather.All levels of interest or experience welcome.
Bring friends, family, or newly met strangers.

Cameras and Social Media always welcome, however, please turn off your phone, or set it to
vibrate.If you absolutely must answer it, please observe uncommon courtesy and quietly exit the class 
until your conversation is done.

The Classes are Free.
However, a donation bowl is available for gifts to the Teacher.

Please check the calendar for the most current information on all classes. Maps to each location are included in the calendar.