Lao-Shi. Caylen Storm was born in the wilds of Southwestern Ireland near the tiny hamlet of Cork. Raised in the Sacred Hills outside of Denver, Colorado, in the mystic land of America. He was taught the foundations of Internal Martial arts through the auspices of hard manual labour by his Master and his Masters' tiny, but ferocious wife, whom he knew as Uncle and Auntie Chen. At age 15, Caylen was struck by a lightning bolt that lightly fried his nervous system to a delicate crispness and removed the toes and ball of his left foot. Wracked with debilitating muscle cramps in his legs and back that would come on suddenly and last for hours, Caylen began the arduous journey of recovery.

   Unhappy with the, 'weak and useless', therapy Caylen was undergoing, Auntie Chen took his rehab upon herself and pushed him to work through the pain with the relentless zeal of a Drill Sargent. Meanwhile, Uncle Chen encouraged Caylen to delve deeply into the Yang Tai Chi as taught by Tung Kai-Ying. And kept him from quitting by simply asking," Are you going to let an old lady defeat you"?

   Prior to getting zapped, Caylen was a poor Tai Chi student. Preferring to play Kung-Fu games or to disappear into the Rocky Mountains west of Denver for days at a time. After his cosmic smack to the side of his head, he had no other choice than to put his all into Tai Chi and into regaining his former health. 

   Thus began a love affair with the Tai Chi of Life that continues to grow to this very day.